Photogrammetry is the underlying science to all measurements and data capture from metric images. These images are often acquired by survey aircraft at image-pixel resolutions between 30cm and 5cm or by satellites at lower resolutions, typically between 30m to 30cm per image-pixel. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or terrestrial images can nowadays realize even millimetric object resolutions. Our photogrammetric engineering section prepares airborne imagery from large-format aerial cameras, satellite or UAS imagery for all subsequent data processing and data capture workflows.

Image Geo-Referencing

At BIO we are regularly dealing with aerial photography blocks made up of more than 10,000 images. We are expert and long-term users of the MATCH-AT aerial triangulation software by Trimble-INPHO.

Digital Surface / Digital Terrain Model Extraction

The Trimble-INPHO Match-T image correlation software is used by BIO to extract surfaces from aerial images. We carefully inspect such initial surface models, remove correlation errors, add spot heights and break-lines where 3D terrain features are otherwise smoothed out, then generate merged and tiled Digital Surface Models (DSM), or bare-earth Digital Terrain Models (DTM), meeting the specifications of our clients.

Ortho Image Generation

Our orthorectification and image mosaicking workflows are also based on Trimble-INPHO software modules. Following the orthorectification of the individual images, we merge thousands of aerial images into a contiguous, seamless aerial image mosaic, partitioned for delivery and display into square image tiles.

3D Feature Capture

With currently eleven (11) stereo workstations and the capability to work in shifts, BIO has the capacity to manage very large CAD or GIS projects, typically requiring the precise digitization of man-made objects in 3D.