Mobile Mapping

Participating in the rapid development of the mobile mapping sector, BIO has cooperated with European partners to capture several thousand kilometers of road and street-side utility infrastructure, such as road -signs, electricity poles, cables and cabinets, to name just a few. We are independent of mobile mapping hardware and our experience extends to mono and stereo optical systems as well as any combination of single or multiple sensor LiDAR systems, combined with individual or panoramic cameras.

Our Mobile Mapping Services cover the following:

  • Quality control of captured optical, LiDAR or hybrid datasets;
  • Feature capture in client-specific CAD or GIS formats for:
    • Street signs and road markings;
    • Street and road objects in general such as traffic lights, lamp posts, etc.;
    • Above-ground utilities, especially electric infrastructure;
    • Road surface analysis;
    • Railroad infrastructure surveys;