GIS Data Capture & Data Maintenance

Capturing and maintaining smart GIS data requires a high amount of diligence and full compliance with client-specific or EU standard data definitions. Together with our European data acquisition partners and suppliers, we make sure that the end-user receives a precisely executed and accurate GIS database.

Our experience extends to several hundred infrastructure projects in the past decades, such as GIS data for roads, railroads, all urban mapping and utilities, especially electric works, 2D or 3D buildings, all topographic layers from 1:500 scale to 1:50,000 scale, with clean and precise topology, ready for all subsequent analysis. BIO is making extensive use of esri™ software environment that we have customized and further optimized with our in-house programming capabilities.

Our GIS Services:

  • 2D data capture from aerial or satellite images;
  • Survey data integration, mapping and cartographic conversion;
  • GIS symbolization;
  • Topology verification and editing;
  • Maintenance and updates of datasets, versioning;
  • Services
  • GIS Data Capture & Data Maintenance