BIM Conversion & Point Cloud Processing

As a relatively new technology and addition to the services portfolio of Blom International, Building Information Modeling (BIM) already plays an important part in our daily operations. We are specialized in the conversion of indoor SLAM point cloud datasets into floor plans and multi-floor 3D interior building models. Our international clients trust our speed and accuracy in creating precise and complete datasets in the Autodesk and MicroStation environments.

Our BIM Services include:

  • Data collection to enable architecture, engineering and construction processes;
  • 3D Model management;
  • Laser point cloud editing and floor plan sectioning;
  • 3D feature digitization of objects;
  • Generation of facades and floorplans;
  • As-built 3D models (Architecture, Civil, Industrial);
  • Virtual 3D presentations.
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  • BIM Conversion & Point Cloud Processing