Blom International Operations exhibits successfully at InterGeo 2019 (Stuttgart, Sept. 17 – 19)

Târgoviște, October 04, 2019

With more than 700 exhibitors and a record-high 20,000+ visitors from 118 countries, InterGeo 2019 in Stuttgart was a very successful event for Blom International Operations (BIO). We exhibited and showcased our latest data services to numerous visitors from around the world.

To enhance our demo capabilities, Schneider-Digital provided BIO with one of their high-end workstations and a 22" PluraView 3D-stereo monitor. This hardware combination is probably the best solution on the market today, for highly productive data capture from 3D data sources, such as LiDAR point clouds and stereo images.

With currently more than 140 staff, Blom International Operations is one of the largest, independent geospatial data processing centers in Europe. Being part of the European geospatial industry, BIO witnesses and adapts to the rapid growth of new geospatial service areas. These are primarily based on LiDAR datasets in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) sector, but also come from ultra-high-resolution LiDAR datasets, acquired by rotary-wing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and mobile mapping systems.

The geospatial data acquisition industry is also growing rapidly in the field of oblique camera systems, such as the Vexcel UltraCam Osprey, the Leica CityMapper-2 and the IGI UrbanMapper-2. All of theses systems were introduced at this years' InterGeo in Stuttgart.

With the help of these new, highly productive systems, high-resolution vertical and oblique aerial datasets, together with 3D LiDAR point clouds, are acquired for cities in Europe, the US and Asia. We offer complimentary data engineering solutions with Trimble-Inpho, DAT/EM and Terrasolid software, to triangulate, produce 3D meshes and true-ortho mosaics, classify and clean-up point clouds with Terrasolid and capture GIS vectors in 3D with our stereo workstations.

Blom International Operations is ready to serve our partners and clients through highly competitive rates, excellent quality and short delivery cycles.

For more information about our data services solutions, please contact:

Stefan Oeldenberger
Sales and Marketing Manager

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  • Blom International Operations exhibits successfully at InterGeo 2019 (Stuttgart, Sept. 17 – 19)